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All Escort boat owners, operators and crew must understand and abide by all MPH Race and Escort Boat Rules!

STEP 1 - Read through and familiarize yourself with the ESCORT BOAT RULES below.


STEP 2 - All safety and escort boats must provide MPH with proof of:

  1. Hull & Machinery (aka Comprehensive/Collision or Property) insurance; and

  2. Protection & Indemnity (aka Liability) insurance; and

  3. Copy of Boat Operators NASBLA Certificate/License.


**Upload these documents with the button below or mail copies of documents to:  Maui Paddling Hui, PO Box 871, Haiku, HI 96708.  Please advise us if you intend to mail your documents.


STEP 3 - Complete the waiver and information form with link below (you will need to know the names of your crew, type of boat they will be racing in, and if they are competing Iron or Relay.




  • Escort boats must be at least 17ft.  NO Jet skis allowed for Escort.

  • Section 13-244-15.5 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules requires any person operating a power-driven vessel on the water of the State shall possess a certification of completion from a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). Exempt from this requirement are persons who possess a valid merchant mariner credential to operate a vessel issued by the United States Coast Guard pursuant to 46 CFR Part 10.

  • All escort boats must meet current United States Coast Guard standards as defined by the USCG.

  • All escort boats must have ship to ship radios (VHF). Marine Band two-way radio MUST BE MOUNTED on boat per Coast Guard regulations.

  • Escort boats must assist any paddler or boat in distress, even if not their paddler.

  • Escorts and racers are responsible for connecting prior to race day to become familiar with each other’s boats and appearance. It is very helpful to supply each other with pictures of your boat and what you are wearing on race day so that you can find each other once on the water.

  • Check In before the race with Head Official Boat on VHF Radio Channel provided prior to race. Failure to check-in will result in disqualification.

  • Escort boats must have a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device(s) (PFD) aboard that is (are) specifically designated for their paddler(s).

  • After the Start - Do NOT approach your paddler until given permission by the Head Official Boat.

  • Please be considerate of the paddlers. Your crew will be disqualified from the race if you wake other crews.


Escort boat captains and support crew must understand and abide by all current MPH RACE and MPH ESCORT BOAT RULES provided here and in follow up correspondence.

EXPERIENCE & CUT-OFF TIME:  This race is for paddlers with significant open ocean experience only. Cutoff time: 4 hours and 30 minutes. The Safety Patrol &/or Race Director have the option of requiring you to remove your paddler(s) and their equipment from the race if they are still on the racecourse near the cutoff time.

MPH CAN NOT TOW OR REPAIR ANY ESCORT BOATS or participant’s boats. Should an escort boat be unable to start the race or be unable to continue escorting during the race, the escort captain must notify the race officials immediately and follow the instructions of the race officials, which may include pulling you from the race, with or without your paddler's racing boat & equipment.

EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: Should your paddler or their boat become unable to continue racing for any reason, the Safety Patrol and/or Race Director may dictate abandoning their boat. Participant(s) may be taken ashore, to a medic or official boat, or whatever is deemed necessary for the safest rescue. MPH is NOT responsible for rescuing their boat or equipment. Safety of all persons involved in the race is MPH’s priority.

INCIDENT REPORT FORMS will be available on the MPH website ( A form must be completed by each person involved in any accident or mishap on race day.

The Race Director has the right to alter a course, prohibit a racer or escort boat from participating, or change any rule if deemed necessary for the wellbeing of participants, safety patrol, race officials and volunteers.

The Safety Patrol and Race Director have the option of pulling a participant from a race. As an escort, you may be required to pull your paddler from the race if they are unable to stay on course, stay in safe range of other participants, or meet the cut-off time for a given race.

RACE CANCELLATIONS OR CHANGE OF RACE COURSE may be dictated by the US Coast Guard, DLNR, entities in control of Race Venue, MPH Board of Directors, or MPH Race Director should weather, water, or other conditions, in their opinion, render the running of the race unsafe.

BAGGAGE & GEAR: MPH is not responsible for getting baggage or gear to Molokai. There will be VERY LIMITED access to a jet ski, with early cut-off time, for getting gear to boats. You must make your own arrangements with your paddlers to transport any gear and it is highly recommended to get the gear to that boat prior to arriving at Flemmings Beach. Otherwise, the gear will need to be paddled out to the support boat well ahead of race start on race morning.

RETURN SHIPMENT OF BOATS:  MPH is NOT responsible for return shipment of boats after race. Paddlers must make your own arrangements with their escort boat if they are to transport their canoe or surfski back to Island of origin. 

ESCORT FEES AND REFUNDS:  All fees and terms of agreement between the escort boat and its paddlers are their sole responsibility. MPH is in no way involved in or responsible for these arrangements.

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