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STEP 1: ALL PADDLERS NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SIGN-UP BEFORE REGISTERING FOR ALL RACES EXCEPT M2M & NS CHALLENGE. (For 2022, no season membership.  Each paddler must pay per race..)



Everyone needs to do this..


STEP 2: Go to individual race pages and register in advance for your race.

Do this after signing above, whether or not payed for the season.


STEP 3: Use express lane for mandatory check in on race mornings.  For our regular season races (excluding North Shore Challenge and Maui to Molokai), entry fees are:

  • PRE-REGISTRATION:  $35 until midnight before the race.  Juniors "fly free" IF pre-registered

  • DAY OF:  no day of registrations for 2022



Please familiarize yourself with the Race Rules. All participants must understand and abide by all race rules.

REGISTRATION: Participants must register prior to the race registration deadline 


• CHECK-IN: Participants must check in prior to close of registration on race day. 


• OC-2, V-2, AND RELAY TEAMS: EACH paddler must register and pay at the same time. 


• ADDITIONAL SAFETY/RESCUE AIDS: All participants are responsible for carrying additional safety/rescue aids such as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), cell phone, whistle, reflective tape, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), mirror, air horn, smoke, etc., maintaining their devices in good working condition, and practicing their use in rough water prior to racing.


• DISQUALIFICATION (DQ) will be issued for:

  • Not wearing a leash secured from you to your boat for entirety of your race. 

  • Failing to attend mandatory race briefing on race day. 

  • Not having 2023 MPH boat number stickers on both sides of boat nose & clearly visible to the race officials. 

  • Providing wrong boat number in your race registration. 

  • Substituting another paddler for your entry for any reason without prior MPH Race Official approval. 

  • Escort Boat infractions. 

**NOTE: Second offenses for any of the above may result in being banned from future MPH races. 


 TIME PENALTY(s) of 10 minutes will be issued for:

  • Not starting behind designated start line when the race officials start the race. 

  • Failing to go around required turn buoy(s). 

  • Finishing outside designated finish buoy(s) (If you are unable to due to unsafe conditions, you must notify a race official as soon possible to determine if penalty can be waived). 

• BOATS & EQUIPMENT must be in good operating condition. If you question whether your equipment can handle the conditions, do not go out. 


• EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: Should you or your boat become unable to continue racing for any reason, the Safety Patrol and/or Race Director may dictate abandoning your boat. Participant(s) may be taken ashore, to a medic or official boat, or whatever is deemed necessary for the safest rescue. MPH is NOT responsible for rescuing your boat or your equipment. Safety of all persons involved in the race is MPH’s priority. 


• RACE JERSEY: You must wear a bright, visible jersey while racing. 



  • Evaluate the conditions. Check the wind, currents, wave size and tidal reports. Overestimating your ability both as an open ocean paddler and swimmer puts yourself, other participants, and our escort patrol at risk. 'WHEN IN DOUBT - DON'T GO OUT!' 

  • The Race Director has the right to alter a course, prohibit a racer from participating, or change any rule if deemed necessary for the wellbeing of participants, safety patrol, race officials and volunteers. 

  • The Safety Patrol and Race Director have the option of pulling a participant from a race if the participant is unable to stay on course, stay in safe range of other participants, or meet the cut-off time for a given race. If you are unsure if your typical racing speed will keep you in range, check with the Race Director prior to entering the race. 



• RACE CANCELLATIONS OR CHANGE OF RACE COURSE may be dictated by the US Coast Guard, DLNR, entities in control of Race Venue, MPH Board of Directors, or MPH Race Director should weather or water conditions, in their opinion, render the running of the race unsafe.


• REFUNDS: All fees are non-refundable whether due to participant cancelling their entry or MPH cancelling the race. EXCEPTION: Refund WILL be granted if MPH denies participation of paddler for any reason. 



All participants are required to understand and abide by these race-specific rules IN ADDITION to all MPH 2023 Race Rules.


  • M2M and NSC are for paddlers with significant open ocean experience only. 

  • Cutoff time: 4 hours and 30 minutes. The Safety Patrol &/or Race Director have the option of pulling a participant from a race if they are still on the race course near the cutoff time. 



• PRE-QUALIFICATION: Your registration will be cancelled if you fail to provide the required qualifying information with your race registration. You may PRE-qualify to determine if you will be allowed to participate &/or if you will be required to hire an escort boat by either: 

A.) Complete one of the following races IRON (or relay IF racing with same team), within specified time. OC-6 doesn't count. 

  • M2M in under 4 hours 

  • North Shore Challenge - (Keanae or Napili) in under 4 hours 

  • Kaiwi Solo in under 6 hours 

- OR - 

B.) Email MPH for pre-approval based on your experience. Include your recent open ocean races with your finish times and email address of your coach as a reference. If the MPH race directors believe you may not be able to complete the race before its specified cutoff time or believe you do not have adequate expertise to safely participate in the race, you may be required to hire an escort boat, carry additional safety equipment, or your entry may be denied. Your entry fee will be refunded if your entry is denied. 


NEW THIS YEAR: ALL paddlers must wear a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approved Type I, II, III, or V Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for duration of NSC & M2M. (inflatable waist pack, full-size PFD, or Life Jacket). Paddlers are responsible for selecting & acquiring properly fitting PFD appropriate for their open ocean survival ability, maintaining their PFD in working condition, and being familiar with how to swim and stay afloat in open ocean conditions while wearing their PFD. 



  • JERSEY: For NSC, you must wear a bright, highly visible Jersey for the duration of the race. For the M2M race, you must wear the official 2023 MPH M2M jersey (included in your race registration). No exceptions! Register early to ensure you get the size you want! 

  • LEASH: As with all MPH races, each paddler must have a leash secured from paddler to their boat for entirety of their race 

  • BOAT NUMBER STICKERS: M2M boats will use a new boat sticker specific to M2M Race. MPH 2023 season (new 2023 sticker assigned if needed).

2023  Maui to Molokai (M2M) Race





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